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Affiliate Program

Tell me more about the affiliate program.

The Blue Cricket Media affiliate program is a revenue-sharing program that enables any website owner to earn a commission on the sales of any of our eBooks that are a direct referral from their own unique affiliate url. Our affiliate program helps us gain exposure for our books and gives website owners the opportunity to earn an increased revenue by simply telling people about our products. The affiliate program is completely free to join and we will help provide you any needed resources to help you in promoting the books to increase your share of the revenue.

How much commission can I earn?

We pay out a 30% commission on all sales that come from your unique URL given to you through our affiliate program. Please ensure you always use your affiliate url when sending people to our site. We cannot reverse transactions or credit your account for commissions made from purchases not directly referred to from your affiliate link. Always copy and paste to ensure there are no errors in your url.

Will I earn commission on my own purchases?

No, we do not allow affiliates to earn commission on their own purchases. Personal sales commissions will not be paid in your monthly commission report.

When will I be paid?

Payments are sent out monthly, usually no later than the 15th of each month. All payments are made via Paypal.

How do I become an affiliate?

Signing up to be an affiliate is fast and easy.

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Affiliate Banners

Be sure to change out "affiliateid" in the code with your own unique affiliate id given to you by e-Junkie. Your affiliate id is the number shown in red text below

The Renter's Decorating Guide